litlstronghold (litlstronghold) wrote in austinart,

application n intent

Intro. We unschool our boys, ages 10 and almost 12. I'm wanting to be here more an either an art enthusiast or an 'art teacher'.

My dh has some painting skills. I weave on a grandpa made loom.

I would like to be a part of this art community from a perspective of 'teaching art'. But mostly we just live or play it.

Our philosophy: Life teaches us. Art is the serendipity of life. Even though we don't create a new thing every day, art is a central theme. We don't attempt to re-invent the wheel, but on occasion we dabble in creations.

To my chagrin I often find scrolls hidden about my house. One day I will find a perfect manner in which to store our 'work' but not right this minute.


P.S. I have a very moral son, I'd have to ask permission to 'publish' his work.
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